Red Faction

Volition, Inc. (Proprietary)

Red Faction is a futuristic first-shooter game that is based on science fiction. Developed by the company, Volition Inc, the game features a story that takes place on Mars in the 21st century. The Earth’s natural resources are almost gone, and humans are sent to Mars to get minerals to bring back to the Earth. The giant Ultor Corporation employs a slew of miners to work below the surface of Mars to get minerals for the Earth. The player assumes the role of Parker, one of the many miners who are subjected to inhumane working conditions. He leads his fellow miners in organizing an uprising against the Ultor Corporation, but they have to reach the surface in order to accomplish this. A deadly disease called “The Plague” is gradually affecting the colony and the miners must get out of the mines quickly to avoid being infected. The miners experience an adventure as they make their way up to the offices and laboratories of the corporation.

Guided by Hendrix, a former security technician at Ultor, Parker navigates the complex. They successfully abduct Gryphon, who is a high-ranking official of the Ultor Corporation. It through Gryphon that they learn that the virus is created by Ultor’s resident physician, Dr. Capek. Parker and the other members of the Red Faction must find out what the antidote is before it’s too late.