Red Eye Remover

VicMan Software (Freeware)

Red Eye Remover by VicMan Software is an imaging application that effectively removes red eye from photographs. Red eye occurs when portraits are taken using flash without a diffuser. With this program, users can select the affected area and remove red eye easily. Knowledge of image manipulation is not required, making this an ideal program to use by beginners and those with basic computer skills. Users can also adjust the correction parameters, including how dark the correction should be.

Among the program’s features are the following:

• Support for a variety of image files, including JPEG, TIFF, and BMP
• The corrected images may be saved in different image formats such as PNG, GIF, and JPEG
• The correction options may be adjusted, such as the correction strength
• The color of the corrected pupil may be adjusted to reflect true eye color
• Easily remove red eye just by selecting the area around the affected eye

The Red Eye Remover eliminates the need for outlining the area affected by red eye. Users simply have to load an image onto the program interface using the file browser menu. Users can zoom into the photograph or fit it to the screen. Next, users can position the rectangular select tool over the area where the red eye is. The program automatically detects the exact location of the red eye and removes it by changing the pupil into the correct color, based on the surrounding pupil color. Users will be able to view the result instantly and adjust the eye color by darkening it.