Red Alert

Westwood Studios (Freeware)

Command & Conquer – Red Alert is an RTS video game that was first released on October 31, 1996 for PC. It is part of the Command & Conquer game series and the first to bear the C&C title. The game is the prequel to the 1995 C&C video game. It is set sometime in the 1950s on a parallel universe created by Albert Einstein.

Red Alert’s story begins during World War II where Albert Einstein is seen readying himself to travel back through time and space. Its main story revolves around Einstein preventing Adolf Hitler from becoming a dictator in the future. This event leads to the rise of the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin. In an effort to stop Stalin, a group of European nations forms an Alliance.

Like other C&C franchise, Red Alert also features single player and multiplayer modes. There are two factions in the game – Allied and Soviet Union. The player can choose to play in either side. As such, there are also two possible endings for the campaign mode, depending on which faction the player chooses. The game balance between the Allied and Soviet forces requires the player to utilize the chosen side’s strength to balance their weaknesses. Unlike the other C&C games, there is no Tiberium that can be used to purchase equipment and structure. Instead, players obtain credits for buying stuff.