Recovery Toolbox for Word 2.0

Recovery Toolbox Inc (Shareware)

Recovery Toolbox for Word is an application used for recovering and retrieving data from corrupted documents that are in Microsoft Word format. The software first inspects the entire corrupted file. It then examines it. After that, the application pulls out data that can still be retrieved from the corrupted document. Data recovered (usually texts) can be previewed on the screen. This allows the user to scan the text first before proceeding to the extraction process. The application can then save the recovered file as a document or as a text file. After saving it as a text file, it can be opened with any word processing applications. The corrupted text previewed can also be immediately copied into a separate file.

Recovery Toolbox for Word can be used with the help of a wizard guide. The wizard takes the user to the recovery process one step at a time. Additionally, it can recover word documents that are not created in Microsoft Word. The program can also recover corrupted data in documents that are still stored in an external device. Some of these external devices are USBs and portable hard drives. Furthermore, it is capable of recovering corrupted documents that are in a different computer (provided that computer is connected to the main computer through the local area network). The program uses a limited amount of system resources.