Recovery Toolbox for RAR

Recovery Toolbox Inc. (Shareware)

Recovery Toolbox for RAR is a recovery tool that can retrieve data from RAR archives that are corrupted. This results in minimal data loss. The software works by first scanning the archive. It then analyzes the corrupted data. After that, it extracts the information and displays them on the window. The information can be files and/or folders. The user can then choose what information he wants to save. They are saved on a specified location. The files are not changed or modified even if the software extracted (touched) them in a RAR archive. The software's success rate of file recovery depends on the level of data corruption.

Recovery Toolbox for RAR is compatible to all RAR formats. It is also compatible with different RAR rates of compression. It can retrieve data from archives that are protected with passwords. It can also retrieve data from files that are 4GB in size and above. It can even retrieve data from archives that are still in external storage devices such as floppy disks and portable hard drives. Additionally, it can restore a corrupted RAR archive from another computer if that other computer is connected to the computer where the Recovery Toolbox is installed. It can be done if two computers are connected in a Local Area Network.