Recovery Toolbox for Flash 2.0.3

Recovery Toolbox, Inc. (Shareware)

Recovery Toolbox for Flash is an application that is used to recover files that may have been lost, deleted, or removed by accident from computers running on Windows operating systems. Its main function is restoring images, videos, audio files, and documents of various formats. Users can also recover files from removable media that make use of FAT32, FAT16, or FAT12 file systems.

Using this tool is easy and does not require advanced skills in computer operations. File recovery is done in a simple process, which entails:

• Selecting the drive where data must be recovered from
• Identifying the folder where the recovered data or files will be saved in
• Scanning the target or source drive and doing analysis to see the files that can be recovered
• Choosing the files to be saved
• Confirming to saving the selected files

Recovery Toolbox for Flash makes use of a number of various algorithms and methods for recovering data. It can recover files and data from PC cards, Smart Media cards, SD cards, COmpactFlash cards, memory sticks, Flash drives, USB sticks and storage devices, and digital cameras with built-in memory.

The application is simple, making it easy to use even for inexperienced users. After selecting the source drive, users can simply wait for the program to finish its analysis and choose the files they want to save from the output list.