Recovery Toolbox for Excel

Recovery Toolbox, Inc (Shareware)

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a tool that serves the purpose of protecting spreadsheets that have been generated and saved under the Microsoft Office program. It is compatible across platforms and provides its users with an inexpensive alternative to recovery systems and backup applications.

When it comes to the Recovery Toolbox for Excel, after the installation process, it automatically applies protection support to all files created under the Excel program. Aside from the newly generated files, the security can be extended to files that have been imported from a different source to the computer system where the program has been installed. It is commonly used to safeguard spreadsheets not only from accidental deletion but also from internal corruption.

The Recovery Toolbox for Excel works by instantly generating usable backup copies of spreadsheets the minute that they are saved or imported into a particular computer system. If something was to go wrong, users can simply access the program files in their hard drive to find the copied spreadsheets. The program can also be expected to automatically update files as they are manipulated in the system. This ensures that users will always have access to the most recent copies of the files.