Recovery Management

Acer (Freeware)

Acer Recovery Management is a program developed by Acer to restore the computer back to its default settings or to a user-defined configuration using an image saved in hidden optical disks, drive partition, or secondary drive partition. The program also features a backup utility that can be used to save a certain system configuration, data or applications to optical disks or hard disc drive.

The Acer Recovery Management program provides an option to create either a full backup or incremental backup. With a full backup, the Recovery Management application can back up the entire system configuration including drivers, applications and data. A full backup removes earlier backup file stored in the hard drive. Incremental backup provides an option to save space and create several incremental backups. The application also has an option to delete a backup point created by the user. This option is available to free up more space.

The Recovery Management application also has a Burn Disc function. This feature can copy backup images, factory default settings, application backups and current configuration to an external storage medium (CD/DVD).

The restore function of the Recovery Management can be used to restore the computer using different backups including the default settings, backup, CD/DVD backups and reinstallation of drivers and applications. It also features other system restore modes include system restore from the WinPE Environment and Hidden partition main page.