RebelBetting 4.12

ClaroBet (Shareware)

Developed by Clarobet AB, RebelBetting is a downloadable sports arbitrage program. RebelBetting is a program that enables users to engage in legitimate sports betting with an organized and secure virtual system by way of their computers. Users bet on arbitrage odds with this program. The term “arbitrage odds” simply means that the act of common sports betting can be turned into a solid investment method with minimal risks. With the help of this program, investors can increase their sports investment portfolio by a significant percentage while minimizing the risks associated with gambling for a potentially larger return on said investment practices.

The RebelBetting program includes a virtual assistant that helps users place their bets. There is an AutoSurf feature that directs program users to the correct pages when it comes to the bookmaker websites. This makes it easier and speedier for users to place their bets. Together with the downloadable program comes a trainer source, which can be considered a guide or program wizard. This can be used by people to learn more about the program and how to use it effectively. Aside from the tricks of the trade, this trainer source also provides relevant and practical information when it comes to general sports arbitrage betting.