Rebel Trucker

3 Romans (Shareware)

Rebel Trucker is a truck driving simulation game developed by the company 3 Romans. The story revolves around an illegal cargo hauling operation, which implicates an unemployed man names Keri Thibiodeaux. Sometime after losing his job, Keri becomes a truck driver and starts with the mob. The goal of the game is to accomplish assigned missions for the contraband truck company, which travels around New Orleans and nearby areas. The player takes on the role of Keri, who tries to evade the FBI as he tries to complete each mission.

There is a short training level at the beginning that gives the player an idea of the gameplay, and prepares him/her for the succeeding missions. There are three main playing modes, which are divided into job offers from various companies. Short-distance delivery jobs are offered by a company called Vieux Carre Routes, while long-distance cargo shipments are offered by a company called AAA Long Hauls. The story mode features a company called Stromboli Import Expert Trucking, which is also the most predominant in Rebel Trucker. The missions given in the story mode involves bribing the police and killing potential enemies along the way. Players can also take on bonus mini-games, which include parking tests and loading dock tests.