RealtimeSync 6.21a

Syncovery (Shareware)

Real-TimeSync is an application that monitors that changes that are done to files and folders. The changes made to the files are immediately synched shortly after the changes are made. Since the files are always monitored, there is no need to scan the system. The program can be used as a back-up tool and users can create a schedule for performing automatic back-ups. Some of the features of the program are the following:

• Synchronization or back up of files – The application supports synchronization between different devices, such as Windows, Macs, online storage services, and laptops. It also supports Unicode characters so that filenames are retained even if they are in a different language.
• Internet support – Real-TimeSync supports different online protocols including SSL, HTTP, FTP, SFTP/SSH, and FTPS.
• Exact Mirror Mode – The program is capable of creating exact mirrors of files and folders. Files that are deleted from the source are also deleted on the backup.
• Block Level Copying – This feature only copies the parts of the file that are changed. By doing this, the synchronization is done faster.
• Versioning – Real-TimeSync is capable of keeping all the changes done in a file so that each change made is saved and users can backtrack to older versions of a file.