Realtime Picture Editor

Idea Spectrum (Shareware)

Realtime Picture Editor is a program that comes with the Realtime Landscaping Photo application. The picture editor is used for editing photos and images. It comes with simple and advanced editing tools that users can make use of in order to change the look of a picture. Some of the tasks that users can do with the software include the following:

• Color adjustment – The program allows users to adjust the brightness and the color of the image to achieve the desirable hue.
• Cloning – The cloning feature is for deleting the unwanted parts of an image.
• Color replacement – This tool is used for replacing a color with another color.
• Eraser – The eraser tool is used for erasing the background of an image, leaving the subject of the photo.

The task buttons are located at the top part and at the left side of the main window. The software’s main window can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to a photo on the Landscaping Photo program and choosing ‘Edit using Picture Editor…’ from the menu. Although the application comes with the Realtime Landscaping Photo program, it can be used as a standalone program, too. This can be done by selecting the software’s name from the Start menu or by double-clicking on the Realtime Picture Editor icon.