Realtime Landscaping Pro

Idea Spectrum, Inc. (Proprietary)

Realtime Landscaping Pro is a professional landscaping design program used in order for users to visualize a garden landscape before doing any renovations or starting projects. Users do not need experience in designing in order to use the application. The program comes with thousands of objects, such as plants and flowers in high resolution. Furthermore, users can choose from spas, pools, decks, driveways, and patios to add to the design that they have in mind.

The key features of this application are as follows:
• House Wizard – The House Wizard included in the application enables users to add their own home to the program or use one of the houses available. The houses only have exterior designs.
• UltraRes Plants – The program has plants that have UltraRes technology. This allows users to view how plants grow in real life. They also appear in full detail, which allows users to have an idea on how their garden will look like throughout different seasons.
• Presentation Tools – The application also comes with several presentation tools that are useful for both homeowners and professional landscape artists. The tools show accurate scale, placements, and dimensions of the landscape design.
• Material Lists – With the built-in project estimate feature, users will be able to create a list of materials with their prices and descriptions. This list can be exported to spreadsheet programs.
• Animated Characters – Aside from objects and plants, the program also comes with three-dimensional people that can be added when creating a video walkthrough of the landscaping project.