RealStrat 3.0.1

MusicLab, Inc. (Shareware)

RealStrat is a virtual electric guitar based on the popular guitar brand Fender Stratocaster. The application is used for creating music through a virtual MIDI keyboard. This allows guitarists to perform and compose songs realistically. The application comes with features for tweaking sounds, such as chord chopping, pinch harmonics, bridge mute, strumming, unison bending, and picking. The program has a built-in multi-channel layering innovation and some sound samples for each fret of the guitar. The virtual electric guitar, which allows users to play on over a hundred guitar frets, can be controlled using the keyboard.

The application also has a Guitar Touch technology, allowing beginners to learn basic guitar skills like muting, bending, plucking, sliding, and more. In addition to the sound samples, the application also has a Guitar Pattern Library that consists of tracks for accompaniment. These tracks are especially useful when composing songs or riffs. Other features of the RealStrat virtual guitar are listed below:

• Built-in pattern manager for creation of professional guitar tracks
• Thousands of guitar patterns to choose from
• Offers six performance modes (Direct, Solo, Chords, Harmony, Bass and Pick, and Bass and Chord)
• Comes with four sound effects (violin, wah-wah, feedback, and sustain)
• Built-in guitar articulations and techniques