RealGuitar 3.0.1

Musiclab (Shareware)

RealGuitar is a program that allows the user to create guitar sounds to play solo or to use as an accompanying guitar part. The software has a virtual guitar supporting a little over a hundred guitar frets. The virtual guitar can be played by using the different keys on the keyboard. RealGuitar mimics real sounds and techniques that can be done with a real guitar. Some of these techniques include mute, bend, strum, slide, and pluck. The program also supports use of a controllers or a MIDI keyboard.

The application has a feature called the Pattern Manager, which is used to create guitar accompaniments. Users can select a guitar rhythm from the tree view, and use it in order to have the right number of measures for the track. In addition, the program has a complete pattern library that consists of more than a thousand rhythm patterns. These patterns can be used to easily create an original song. There is also a pattern view that can be used as a guide for doing the correct strokes on the guitar. Previewing the samples can be done by pressing the chord on an external device connected to the computer. The application also allows users to play with the double track effect when creating musical pieces.