RealFlight G5.5

Knife Edge Software (Proprietary)

RealFlight G5.5 is a radio-controlled helicopter and airplane simulation game developed by Knife Edge Software and released on January 2011. This software enables users to simulate flying on numerous aircraft types. This simulation game includes several flying sites, airports, and aircraft models that are based on real life models. It offers an integrated aircraft editor for creating and editing new aircrafts. However, aircraft editing enables users to change the aerodynamic properties and physical appearance of the aircraft only. It utilizes a 3D modeling application like Blender and Autodesk 3ds Max in creating new aircrafts. RealFlight also features an airport editor that enables users to create new flying sites and airports.

RealFlight G5.5 presents two new combat modes—DeadRinger and Hardcore Combat modes. In DeadRinger mode, the game requires the player to fly through an obstacle course made up of rings. The user has to fly through rings while receiving gunfire. Hardcore combat mode makes the pilot pass out when approaching higher G.

RealFlight G5.5 introduces the Sky Grid for the first time. The Sky Grid is a colored grid that spreads across the sky, assisting the pilot in executing precision movements. This simulation game offers an Overhead Gadget that shows the map of the terrain as well as the current location of the aircraft and flying site. The user interface also shows a Timer Gadget which can either count up or count down.