PG Music Inc (Proprietary)

RealBand is a MIDI music arranger program developed by PG Music and released on January 2013. The program enables users to play along to accompanying instruments through their computers like having a back-up band. Accompaniments can be created and edited with custom melody lines and chord progressions. Users may also make key and tempo adjustments to the accompaniment. The program enables users to create accompaniments across several musical styles.

RealBand is an all-in-one audio sequencing program. To create an accompaniment, users just need to choose a musical style and input the specific musical chords to create a complete band arrangement. Output files include MIDI tracks, RealDrums, and RealTrucks. RealBand features full musical control over the music editing and recording process. Mixing and mastering tracks are possible through the RealBand Tracks and Mixer windows. Users may freeze a particular musical track for fine-tuning, and even re-generate individual tracks or bars from a particular musical track. This program also has audio track layering for an unlimited number of tracks. Users may also customize the tracks by adding DX/VST effects. These effects may also be applied to aux bosses and even main output files. Users may also add DXi/VSTi synthesizers to the MIDI tracks. The program enables users to create a single stereo wave file by merging MIDI tracks into one file.