Real Hide IP

Real-Hide-IP.Com (Shareware)

Real Hide IP, the application that conceals the user’s IP address with a choice of assigning the IP address from another country, protects the user’s privacy with a hidden IP address. The program also prevents identity theft by not revealing personal information, and keeps away hackers. When surfing the Net, the user’s online identity will have a bogus IP address when tracked by websites, and send prying hackers to wrong online addresses. The program allows the user to change and transfer between the fake IP address and the real IP address. When the user stops running the program, the settings will change back to the normal IP address.

When installed and used, Real Hide will configure automatically the user’s web browser as the program’s proxy server where the user can choose an IP address, including country to be specified. The user has the added option of automatically changing the IP address periodically when surfing the Net, aside from the option of hiding the IP address the minute the computer goes online. With the program, users banned from certain forums or sites can visit anonymously and surf the site. The program works with most of today’s popular browsers. It is compatible with many of today’s firewalls, wireless networks, routers and other forms of connections.