Real Environment Xtreme - Overdrive

Real Environment Simulations (Proprietary)

Real Environment Xtreme – Overdrive is a powerful photo-realistic environmental texture and weather package with real world flight planning abilities that is commonly used for flight simulation programs by pilots, flight instructors and students.  It is equipped with numerous automatic and user selected technological features and user scalable textures that make flight simulations realistic.  

The application’s Weather Engine Plus mode, with its weather theme modes, consists of numerous settings that are able to control the specific weather environment of a flight simulation.  Archived weather, real-time live weather as well as customized weather can be used.  Customizations are set quickly and do not affect frame rates, and eliminate flashing. Cloud and sky themes as well as real temperatures and wind, can also be imbued in the simulation. Advanced graphics application has been created from high-resolution film photography that results in clear and detailed simulation environments. Textures and artwork are also kept in high-definition format.  Users may choose from a powerhouse variety of textures, concrete and asphalt runways, taxiways, sky colors, sky formations, reef and tropical water textures, and wave animations.  Basically, all aspects and details that are part of and make up a flight experience are contained in the application.  It allows users to make appropriate flight planning decisions based on realistic and high definition environment and weather settings that are experienced in the application’s flight simulations.