Real Detectives - Murder in Miami

GameHouse (Shareware)

Real Detectives: Murder in Miami is a casual video game that combines the crime and hidden-object genres of gaming. In this game, two detectives team up to investigate mysterious deaths in Miami, Florida. A number of crime scenes are used as locations for finding clues in the form of hidden objects. As the player explores new locations, new clues and information about the victim and the killer are revealed. It is now up to the player to find hints about the suspicious deaths – who the culprit is, in particular.

Real Detectives: Murder in Miami features a standard hidden-object adventure where the player's main task is to find hidden objects in the scenes. A list of items is presented and the player has to find them all. Finding an item crosses out its name on the list. When all the items are found, the player proceeds to the next location.

The game also breaks away from hidden-object gaming and has elements of puzzle solving and point-and-click adventure games. There are puzzles that must be solved. These puzzles range from simple jigsaws to opening safes. Because this is a police story, the player also interrogates suspects and talks to witnesses to find out more about the victims. Evidence must also be collected, as this is essential to solving the crimes.