Real Desktop 2.0.3

Schillergames (Freeware)

Real Desktop is an application that enables users to modify the appearance of their desktop background. This application is used to add 3-dimensinonal wallpaper as their main desktop background display. Real Desktop adds more style to a user’s desktop by means of 3D display aside from its default 2D image wallpapers. This application works by rearranging the desktop objects, such as menus and program icons in a 3D plane. Once the program is installed and the 3D wallpaper is activated, the computer’s desktop will appear as a room with a floor and several walls. Icons and menus would appear as objects and fixtures strewn along the 3D plane. The 3D effect is emphasized by adding depth and shadow to the desktop background and desktop objects in the background. In addition to these, users may change the 3D perspective of the desktop by viewing the objects from the top, bottom, side, or corner of the plane. On the other hand, Real Desktop would sometimes cause certain mouse actions, such as dragging, and click and drag select to slow down or sometimes fail.

Real Desktop does not have its own user interface. Instead, users are provided with an options menu where certain desktop and display attributes can be set and configured. This menu can be displayed as a hovering tab above the screen on along the taskbar. Real Desktop also has a tutorial section to allow users to familiarize themselves with the options and application settings.