Real Bowling

Gametop (Freeware)

Real Bowling is an online bowling simulation game. It makes use of 3D graphics that provide a realistic playing experience. Users can play against the computer in the single player mode or with their friends by activating the multiplayer mode. There are two game modes, namely Classic and Arcade. Players can join any of the three bowling clubs: Egypt, Modern, and Japan. The game menus are easy to navigate through and the game itself is easy to play.

Players can customize their own bowling balls by choosing the color and weight. Players can also use images to place on their balls. When they are satisfied, they can select the bowling alley they would like to play in and start bowling. To bowl, players use the mouse. To grab the ball, players click the left mouse button and hold, and release it when it has reached the desired power level.

Each game consists of 10 frames, and each frame gives players two chances to known down all of the ten pins. When players successfully knock down ten pins on their first try, it is called a strike, and is denoted by an X on the game’s score sheet. If the player knocks down all of the pins only on the second shot, it is called a spare and is shown by a slash mark on the score sheet.