ReaJPEG 4.5

ReaSoft (Shareware)

ReaJPEG is an image software program from Rea Soft. It is an image editing program that provides its users with access to a series of tools that can be used for various image enhancing purposes. It has been designed to function under the Windows platform and is ideal for both amateurs and professionals. The program is quite easy to use with all tools accessible via the main interface. Images can be imported into the program for easy editing. Images can be sourced from existing image files on a device or from the Internet provided that Windows Explorer is running.

ReaJPEG offers its users various tools that they can use to fully enhance photo images. Aside from general enhancements, other editing tools are also available. The program can be used for red eye reduction needs, image rotation, cropping, and altering color contrasts and filters. There are other tools, which are more advanced, that can also be accessed using the same program.

Apart from the provision of an array of reliable editing tools, the program also makes it possible for its users to convert image files carrying various extensions into image files carrying the JPEG format. File conversion can be done per image or by batches depending on the preferences of program users.