Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Readon Technology (Freeware)

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is an application that allows users to watch satellite broadcasts on the computer. The program does not need additional devices and gadgets for it to work on a computer. The application’s interface is separated into four parts -- Radio, TV, Movies on Demand, and Live Sports. Upon choosing a category, users have other filtering options to find what they are looking for. When the content is clicked, it automatically plays on the computer. Users also have the option to use the search field when searching for a specific show or channel. All the tools needed are on the program’s interface.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player comes with password protection so that users can restrict children from adult content. One of the features of the application is recording shows with the use of the VLC player (must be downloaded separately). However, this option is not available for all the content. Recorded videos can be transferred to iPhones or mobile media players.

Other features of the Readon TV Movie Radio Player application are the following:
• Thousands of channels to choose from
• A variety of genres to choose from
• Works as a video converter
• Includes all SopCast, ShoutCast, and TVU channels
• Auto shutdown