ReadManiac 2.5.2

Roman Lut (Freeware)

ReadManiac is an ebook reading software created by Roman Lut and released on January 2006. It is specially developed for mobile devices like phones and handheld devices with JAVA support. This book reader comes in two versions—a standalone application and as a midlet application.

ReadManiac standalone application needs to be installed to the mobile phone. Once installed, this program enables users to search books online and download the same for offline reading. It features a dedicated search engine that accesses online libraries and searches the same for books. Once books are downloaded, they are saved on a local library and may be accessed offline. The ReadManiac midlet enables users to read embedded books.

ReadManiac reads books saved in the TXT, PDB, TCR, PRC, and ZIP file formats. This program supports standard phone fonts and custom small fonts for smaller screen sizes, embedding of custom user fonts, and bookmarking. This program also features text formatting support, and backlight control for more comfortable ebook reading. Other features include a slideshow mode and a Search functionality that enables users to search and find specific words and phrases within a book, or search for a particular book in the local library. The search functionality also searches books on an online library.