Readerware Corporation (Shareware)

Readerware is an application that enables users to make databases from music, video, and book collections. An auto-catalog feature allows users to feed into lists of barcode scans, LCCNs, ISBNs, and UPCs. The application automatically searches the Internet and archives videos, music, and books.

Information from various websites can be merged to generate the most comprehensive databases which could be equipped with cover art. A drag and drop function makes for easy cataloguing. Loading CDs into one’s drive does not have to be done every single time, but users simply have to scan barcodes or input UPCs to catalogue them. For instance, a CD from one’s favorite artist is simply dragged and dropped into the program to include it into the database.  In the case of books, book collections may be comprised of a few titles up to a thousand.  Videos that may be archived include LaserDiscs, video tapes, and DVDs. When they are catalogued full video credits are also included. Program features include multiple image support, loans, biographies, multiple, detail, and thumbnail views, barcode printing, export and import functions, media links, want lists, and tables, among others. Users may also customize database and display options, and easily browse, search, and print collections.