Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby

The Learning Company (Proprietary)

Reader Rabbit: Playtime for Baby is a software application published by the Learning Company for computers that run on Windows. Several variants of the main suite exist, with Playtime for Baby aimed at parents of infants. The educational tool allows very young users to interact with a user interface that does not require any previous knowledge of using a computer. Since it is a program for children, the application employs elements that are known to appeal to kids, which include colorful palettes, high-contrast images on the screen, and letters and numbers that appear in large fonts, to name a few.

With modules designed by experts at child psychology and development, the Reader Rabbit application offers interactive modules designed to let both parents and their kids to use the application. The modules employ an open-ended approach to teaching basic concepts like colors and shapes. The “virtual openness” of the game stems from research that suggest maximizing the development of a child’s mental faculties by giving him or her opportunity to “explore” a virtual world from within any of the modules.

Activities that prompt learners to learn by engaging in physical education are also included. These include activities that encourage dancing, sing-along sessions, and physically choosing an element onscreen. The Reader Rabbit series also has educational software for toddlers and schoolchildren.