Reader for PC

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Reader for PC is an application that allows users to access ebooks, magazines, newspapers, and other electronic publications on the computer. The program also works as an ebook organizer. Users can add content to the library by importing all ebooks and electronic publications. The program has a simple interface. On the upper portion of the window, there are to buttons – My Library and Reader Store.

All the contents in the library can be categorized. The Bookshelf View allows users to see all the books displayed in a virtual bookshelf. With the Reader for PC, users can tag their favorites so that they can easily be accessed later on. Ebooks in the library can be viewed in different ways (split page view and two-page view). In addition, the program has a direct page jump feature that enables users to quickly access a specific page of a document.

One of the main features of the Reader for PC application is Cloud Sync. Cloud Sync enables users to synchronize their libraries across different devices (PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, tablet, and Android phone). With this feature, the bookmarks, highlights, and reading positions of the books can be accessed on the different devices.