Probe Ltd. (Shareware)

Re-Volt is a car racing game that was released in 1999. In the game, players get to control a car and race in different tracks. The cars are separated into three categories – electric, glow, and special. Players go against rivals with the same driving capabilities. The five race modes available are pro, semi-pro, advanced, amateur, and rookie. The tracks have different difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme. Players can go on tournament and beat rivals in order to unlock more cars and race tracks.

Up to 12 players can participate in single races. In each race, a pre-determined number of laps must be completed. Players can also get lighting pick-ups that are spread throughout the circuit. These pick-ups are useful as they provide a random weapon that can be used against other racers during the game. Some of these include fireworks and oil slicks. Players can also get batteries that temporarily increase the speed of the car. The game also has a multiplayer mode where there are two game modes available – single race and battle tag.

Re-Volt also features a track editor that can be used to create a customized race track. The different tools that come with the editor include pipes, bridges, corners, and straights. These objects can further be customized (height, radius, and gradient).