RE Alistair++

Sakevisual (Shareware)

RE Alistair++ is an otome game in English presented in a visual novel format that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This dating sim is an exciting and intriguing game with five endings. The outcome depends on the choices that the player makes. The player has to make decisions about where the protagonist’s relationships with certain love interests encountered during the game lead.

Players of the game play the role of Merui Lucas, a girl who is an avid video gamer who prefers a game called Rivenwell. A gamer using the name Alistair steals from her in the game and Merui had to enter into a bet incited by him so that she gets the rare item back. Merui is a short-tempered teen-ager, so naturally she wanted revenge, but had to figure out first which of the three boys she knows from her high school poses as Alistair online. This is the story line presented to RE Alistair++ players.

RE Alistair++ is a game that challenges the player to balance fun and schoolwork, make romantic relationships work, and figure out who the culprit is. Merui has no idea who Alistair is in real life and it is the primary task of the player to help her identify him.