RBTray 4.3

Nikolay Redko (Freeware)

RBTray is a small application that minimizes windows to the system tray. The application does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. RBTray is portable and can be saved in a thumb drive to use on other computers. After clicking its .exe file, the program runs quietly in the background. There are no settings or advanced options for the program, which makes it a handy tool for novice computer users.

To use the application, right click on the minimize button at the top right corner of any window. RBTray will minimize the window to the system tray. This eliminates the clutter on the task bar, especially if the user is working with a lot of programs. The window can be maximized by clicking on its icon on the system tray. RBTray does not have its own window and it does not leave a shortcut on the system tray or on the desktop. Users can exit the program by right clicking on one of the minimized icons on the system tray. Choose Exit RBTray from the list to close the program completely. All the windows minimized using the application will also be removed from the system tray and transferred to the task bar when the user exits the program.