Raven Software Soldier of Fortune

Raven Software (Proprietary)

Raven Software Soldier of Fortune is a first person shooter game developed by Raven Software and released on March 2000. This game features mercenary John Mullins from an organization named “The Shop” and his partner, Hawk Parsons, in their quest to recover four stolen nuclear weapons. The nukes were stolen by Germany-based terrorist Afrikaner Neo Nazi group and sold to other nations. The terrorist group was headed by Sergei Dekker. Such theft was just a prelude to the acquisition of more weapons of mass destruction by Dekker. This game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay.

Raven Software Soldier of Fortune is set in various locations around the world featured in 10 missions. Rescue and Kill mission (1) and Sabre mission (6) were set in New York City subways. The second mission, Nuke Retrieval, is set in Soroti, Uganda. Kosovo is the setting for the third mission, Queen Bee. The two mercenaries fought against Russian soldiers in Uyedineniya Island, Siberia during the Mission Nest Egg or the fourth mission. Baghdad, Basra, Iraq became the battleground for the fifth and ninth missions, Lightfoot and White Rabbit, respectively. The 7th, Mission Dragonfire saw the two mercenaries fight it out against Sudanese troops. Mullins and Parsons then went to Tokyo, Japan to fight against ninja assassins and Yakuza thugs in the 8th mission, Jessica Six. The final mission Endgame is set in Hanover, Germany.