Raven Software Heretic2

Raven Software (Proprietary)

Raven Software Heretic2 is an action-adventure game. This second installment in the Heretic franchise of fantasy games follows the story of Corvus and his perilous journey to find a cure for a deadly disease that has plagued the people of Parthoris, including the people of Silverspring, his hometown. The disease turns people into flesh-eating zombies, and Corvus is on a quest across the continent of Parthoris in order to find the cure. Corvus himself is at risk for the disease, which is held in check because he has one of the Tomes of Power in his possession. However, it is only a matter of time before he succumbs to disease, which only makes his quest more urgent, and his success crucial to the future of Parthoris.

Along the way, Corvus encounters deadly enemies. To protect Corvus, players can use different weapons, including a magical bow and staff, and spells such as Repulsion and the Sphere of Annihilation. The game takes players to various locations, such as canyons, swamps, cities, and dungeons.

The game features a blend of first-person shooting and third-person camera action that add to the unique gaming experience. Players undertake challenging movements, from swimming and climbing, and engage in face-to-face combat. Heretic II is developed using the Quake II 3D graphics engine, resulting in realistic visuals and special effects that are similar to the Quake game.