Rattler Race

Christopher Lee Fraley (Bundled)

Rattler Race is a puzzle game that was first released in 1991. The game came bundled with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. In the game, players take control of a snake that must eat the apples that are spread all throughout the game screen. There are obstacles on the screen and players must avoid them to complete the level. The three main obstacles in the game are the following:

• Bouncing Balls – There are bouncing balls that appear on the game screen. These balls must be avoided, as the snake dies when hit by the ball on the head.
• Walls – Game walls also kill the snake. Players must avoid them in order to complete the level. Avoiding walls get harder in higher levels, especially when the snake gets longer.
• Other Snakes – Enemy snakes also appear on the game screen. Players must avoid the enemy snake to stay alive during the level.

Once the player has collected all the apples on the game screen, the snake must reach the portal that opens. This allows the user to move on to the next level. When there are enemy snakes on the screen, players must reach the portal before the enemy snake. If the players do not get there first, the level will restart.