Rats! 1

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games (Freeware)

Rats! is a game developed by Sean O’Connor for Windows-based computers.  This game is about exterminating rodents, particularly rats. The objective of the game is to kill and exterminate all rats before they multiply or swarm the maze. Furthermore, if the population of rodents increases, the game pulse rate of players accelerates, too. Players must be careful to keep their pulse rates at the moderate level to win in the game.

Rats! is easy to play by kids, young people, and adults. To kill rodents, players can use a variety of choices. They may refer to basic exterminators for rodents, such as poison and gas. They can also use more advanced and unusual tools, such as plague rats, gender changing chemicals, blocks, radioactive waste, or bombs. What to use normally depends on the number of rats to kill. They have to be strategic in using weapons. They can place them in different areas, but this must be thought of carefully. Some weapons can kill a few rats, while others may be very explosive, exterminating more than what is expected. In addition, the placing of weapons must be well timed.

Sean O'Connor's Rats! is made with an easy to use interface and simple graphics. It also includes a sound setting that can be adjusted or optionally muted.