RasterVect 20.6

RasterVect Software (Shareware)

RasterVect is an application that is used for converting raster files into vector format. It supports a wide variety of file formats including TIFF, PNG, PSD, JPG, and BMP. These make it easier for users to work with their files on several CAD programs, such as FastCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Microstation, VectorWorks, and others. The program can be used as a replacement when tracing and digitizing, as it saves the user more time when dealing with their projects.

The application has a simple and intuitive user interface and images can be imported to the application using the browser, or the drag and drop method. Users can also create a new image by setting the resolution, size, and color mode. Once an image is imported to the program, users can do tasks, such as convert the image to black and while, create vector lines or masks, add filters, or build objects using layers. The program offers different viewing modes as well – raster and vector, vector, and raster.

Other features of RasterVect are the following:

• Supports four types of conversion methods
• Support for batch processing to allow users to process several images simultaneously
• Comes with a recognition wizard
• Support for text recognition