Rar Password Unlocker

Password Unlocker (Freeware)

Rar Password Unlocker is a recovery tool developed by Password Unlocker. The program enables users to unlock RAR archive files to view and access its contents. RAR is an archive file format developed to compress all sorts of files. RAR archive files are sometimes secured with a password to restrict access to its contents. However, some users forget some parts of the password string or the whole password. The Rar Password Unlocker enables users to unlock the password protection or bypass it to access the files within.

Rar Password Unlocker utilizes several modes to bypass the password. It employs Brute Force attack to search for the correct password string. It also offers Brute Force with User-defined mask. This mode is perfect for users who only forgot part of the password string but remains sure about some characters. Users can supply the characters that they are sure of, using it as a mask, so that the program only need guess the remaining part of the string. The program also features a Dictionary Mode which supplies dictionary entries to guess the password. These words are taken from the integrated dictionary.

Rar Password Unlocker also enables users to resume recovery operations in case there is a suspension or when the password recovery has been interrupted. The program likewise scans the computer for other archive files.