RAR Password Recovery


RAR Password Recovery is a program that enables users to retrieve lost passwords of their RAR or WinRAR files. RAR or Roshal Archive is a file archive format used in storing single or multiple files in a compressed data shell. WinRAR is a file archiving software that supports RAR files. This program contains a security feature that enables users to put a password for their RAR files, in order to restrict access to authorized users. RAR Password Recovery uses a technology called “Brute-Force Attack” that analyzes the RAR file’s extensions in order to find the password data. This program also contains other “Attack” modes such as the “Dictionary-Based Attack”, and the “Boost-Up Attack”.

RAR Password Recovery features a simple user interface that contains four main parts. First part is the command bar, which contains various commands used to open a RAR file archive, save recovery results, start the recovery process, stop the recovery operation, and open the help section. In addition to these, the command bar contains buttons used to register or exit the program. The next part contains the attack settings tab which allows users to set recovery options such as password length and allowed characters. Next part contains a drop down list where users can select the attack method. The last part displays the recovery process statistics, as well as the recovery progress bar.