RAR Opener (Freeware)

RAR Opener is a file extractor that can decompress and open files with the .rar file format. It is easy to learn and has a simple toolbar which can be learned even by first-time users. It does not require users to be IT experts before the user can master the application. RAR Opener is designed with a straightforward interface. It does not have any setting that the user can configure. Even with the simplistic design of the program, RAR Opener can list all the directories and files that the user chooses and put the chosen files into an archives folder. RAR Opener has a built-in browse button so the user can select files into the main window of the program. The user can opt to choose the files to be extracted. The user can also click the Extract All option, which extracts all the content of the archives folder or choose to extract only the selected files. This application can also support RAR documents that are password protected.

RAR Opened allows the user to extract the compressed files to the same folder as its corresponding archive. It also allows the user to make a new folder where the extracted files will be directed into. It also lets the user choose to open the file on location when the task is done. It also allows users to perform tests to detect errors in the archive.