Raptr 3.1.4

Raptr, Inc (Freeware)

Gamers online can connect with the gaming community by using Raptr. Raptr is a growing social networking website for video game players with more than 15 million users. The website has partnership with game developers like Activision and Gamespot. The website also works as an instant messenger that offers services on the web allowing users to communicate with other players. The website has a downloadable application that enables users to access the website using mobile devices.  The game site has stationed more than 40 support personnel to address the needs of gamers online.

The profile of each user can be customized by adding a video game. All game activities and achievements of the user will be displayed on the profile wall. With this feature, players can be ranked according to scores and can compete with friends online. Gamers can publish reviews and game articles such as news, discussions, videos, screenshots, strategies and even game guides.  Users can also share updates from their account using other social media such as Plurk, Twitter, Friendfeed, and Facebook.

Raptr has other features that enhance the game experience of users while playing. With this feature, gamers can do other activities, such as access other social media websites, web surfing, and chatting. The game play can be saved by recording it on video or taking screenshots.