RapidTyping Application 4.6.6

RapidTyping Software (Freeware)

RapidTyping Application is an educational program used for teaching typing accuracy and speed. It helps improve typing speed while preventing typographical errors. The program contains a virtual keyboard that shows which keys to press as users go through each typing lesson. Each lesson has three levels of difficulty – Beginner, Advanced and Expert. After each test, users can track their performance and evaluate the results for each test. The program also provides a chart to display the result. This chart can be viewed any time. The result will show ratings, delays and errors. The ratings include character per minute, words per minute and accuracy. Online records can also be viewed.

RapidTyping features a Lesson Editor. This is used for creating fully customizable typing lessons. The editor can be used to insert, add, delete or modify lessons. Grouping the lessons into courses and reviewing each lesson are possible as well. Aside from the level of difficulty, the program also provides different types of tests including Shift Keys, Basics, Symbols, Digits and Numeric Pad lessons. At the end of each lesson, an option to proceed to the next lesson or to repeat the lesson is available. Configuring certain properties of the program is possible. Available configuration settings include enabling the sound, changing theme, reconfiguring keyboard hotkeys, switching to a different font, selecting lesson view and more.