RapidShare Downloader 5.5

Major Share ( (Freeware)

RapidShare Downloader by Major Share is a freeware that can be used to easily download items from This utility facilitates fast downloading by allowing the user to create a download list. This list can be pasted into RapidShare Downloader. The utility can be left by itself while it downloads. In the meantime, users can spend time watching videos, playing games or continuing with other computing tasks. This utility has made manual downloading obsolete.

RapidShare Downloader facilitates seamless, automatic downloads and presents the user with a list of successfully downloaded items ones the files are in. This app can be left to complete the task because it is designed to capture URLs from These are sequentially downloaded and all the user has to do is specify a path so that it can directly store the files in that section.

The program also shows incomplete or incorrect downloads. These are automatically added into the download list for another attempt. Links may also be added with just a couple of mouse clicks. Once selected, the link can then be copied and this is then added automatically.

RapidShare Downloader functions both as a downloader and downloads manager. Users can set it up such that RapidShare Downloader runs instantly upon startup. This can be configured at the Settings section.