Rapid PHP 2011 2014

Karlis Blumentals (Shareware)

Rapid PHP is an editor that allows the user to edit scripts and create, edit, and test PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript code. The user can reuse, navigate, format, validate, and debug codes. It features a built-in browser, code explorer, multi-item clipboard, File and FTP explorer, and find-and-replace feature. Other features the user can access are HTML and CSS editors, auto complete, preview, property inspector, and code insertion.

Rapid PHP allows the user to view HTML and Javascript codes, as well as edit and create code in these languages. Codes can be found with the program’s Code Explorer feature. The user can highlight Syntax for HTML, PHP, and Javascript and customize these with the text editor. The text editor can be customized by the user. The user can open and save files from FTP Spell checker for text in HTML code. The FTP Spell Checker prompts the user with a highlighted word and suggests alternative spellings. The program includes a txt. files search-and-replace feature in the multi-item clipboard code library. A Lookup Function Hint is included with an auto-complete function to suggest variables, parameters, and properties. The Debug feature allows the user to streamline PHP code and the Syntax Check can validate the PHP code.

Rapid PHP includes a built-in web server that allows the user to preview the customized or edited PHP, HTML, and CSS code.