Rapid Eye Multi-Media

Honeywell (Shareware)

Rapid Eye Multi-Media is an NTSC/PAL-compliant digital video recording system. It is engineered to record, search, and transmit various media (audio, media, and data). At the same time, the software lets users evaluate the process while it is happening and after it is finished. This results in quality live video images and significantly improved recording rates. In addition, the system has an accelerated event-driven response recording. It also brings about an increased storage capacity of up to two terabytes.

The system is made up of three primary components: the Recorder Unit (RU), ADMIN Software, and VIEW software. RU features DSP-powered real-time recording at CIF resolution. ADMIN software is a server-based administration tool that manages users and the whole enterprise site. VIEW software is a workstation-based program for remote operation.

The program offers live local viewing and 16-channel real-time recording. This means that real-time live video can be seen from a single camera. Alternatively, all 16 cameras can simultaneously display their videos in real time. This system is useful for remote applications that have many installations requiring remote management and recording driven by particular events. It features a Rapid Clip feature that facilitates remote clip generation to an internal DVD-RW or a USB device. Each unit is supplied with a keyboard and comes with a USB hub for connecting the mouse, USB, and other portable devices.