Rapid Environment Editor 8.0 (Shareware)

Rapid Environment Editor is a program intended for use as an environment variables editor that shows values in the form of an editable tree. This tool has a portable mood and GUI that is easy to use and a multilanguage interface. This utility is from Rapid Environment Editor or Rapid EE supports Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows, XP, Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7 and 8. In using Rapid Environment Editor there is no need for installation. This utility has multiuser support and the skin can be customized based on the user’s preferred look and feel.

The main functions of Rapid Environment Editor include error checking and variable inspection. The variable inspector of this utility presents the user with a number of information such as name, value, short file name, and type. Rapid Environment Editor is also capable of checking for invalid file names as well as invalid path names. Users with administrative privileges can also edit the variables for other users.

This program is equipped to accept more than one command line parameters when the user intends to modify the variables or the system itself. The values are also easily manipulated and a drag and drop function is available to users when they are reordering the values of the variables.