Alexander Shiryaev (Freeware)

RapGet is an application primarily used for downloading files from file-sharing sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload. This program allows the user to download any number of files from Rapidshare. There is no restriction as to what type of file can be downloaded or not. With its code recognition algorithm, the user can look for files in less time compared to manual searching. To use the program, the user must identify  the download link that he is looking for. This is normally found on the publisher's website, or a blog where the information for the download link comes from. After that, the user copies the URL and then pastes it on the program's interface. The download link is immediately added to the queue. Having a queue means multiple files can be downloaded at once. The user can start with the download process after that.

RapGet has a number of settings that can be configured. For example, the file's waiting time, the total number of downloads before proceeding to the next download task in the batch, and the automatic removal of corrupted files are options open to the user. The program also has the ability to schedule the download process and automatically begin downloading when that date/time comes.