Rapala Pro Fishing

Sand Grain Studios (Proprietary)

Rapala Pro Fishing is a fishing game that makes use of the Rapala brand of gear, and guided fishing trips with Rapala Pro staff. Fishing started as a simple activity with the main objective of catching a fish for food. However, it has evolved as a recreational activity in most parts of the world where there is abundant water and fish. This activity is normally done in the wild and requires some equipment and gears. Several techniques are available for catching fish including hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling, and trapping.

Rapala Pro Fishing allows players to select their gears from Rapala branded rods, lines, and lures. There are around 21 tournaments and a wide expanse of the world’s finest waters. Players can also choose the “Freedom fishing” mode for a relaxing activity on the lake. As the players advance into the game, they get rewards and are able to unlock special levels like the Amazon River and the Danube Delta. Some of the fish available in the game are walleye, salmon, catfish, and eleven (11) more species. The gaming interface utilizes lighting effects that allows players to see fish in a more realistic setting. Players can choose to play in 12 locations from around the world that are found in the game.