Random Word Generator 19.0

Gammadyne Corporation (Shareware)

Random Word Generator is a tool used for generating artificial words. The program has a simple user interface where users have complete control over the settings of making up the words. Furthermore, users can add restrictions, such as the number of letters on the word generated, setting the suffix or prefix for the word, or coming up with words that end with a consonant letter.

The main window consists of task buttons that are located at the upper portion of the window. There are five settings buttons on the upper portion as well – Components, Format, Options, Restrictions, and Extrapolate. After choosing the configurations for the generator, a list will be displayed based on the word the user has added. For each word, users have the option to copy or view different variations. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Support for generating all the possible words and combinations based on a format the user prefers
• Has a feature for looking for all the anagrams of letters given by the user
• Words on the program can be converted to title case, upper case, and lower case
• Has a spell checking module that allows the program to generate only words that are real