Random Password Generator 1.3

IObit (Freeware)

Random Password Generator is an application for generating passwords that are strong enough to secure online accounts. It also comes with a password manager that allows users to keep track of all their passwords for different online accounts. The program has a simple user interface that consists of three tabs for the three main tools of the application. These are:

• Password Generator – Under the password generator tab, users can specify the parameters for creating a unique password. Users can set the password length and the number of passwords needed. There are also checkboxes for small letters, numbers, punctuation symbols, and capital letters. Passwords provided are categorized as weak, medium, strong, or best.
• Password Manager – The password manager tab is where users can keep a list of all online accounts and their passwords. The list contains the password strength, ID, password, and remarks from the user.
• Change Password – Under the change password tab, users can set or change the password for accessing the Random Password Generator window. This password prevents other users from viewing personal information stored in the program.

Random Password Generator also allows users to print a copy of all the passwords that are saved in the program for reference.