Aliasworlds Entertainment (Shareware)

RanchRush is a game about ranch, farming, and time management. The player owns a ranch which must be kept organized and profitable. The game’s main character is represented by Sara. Her objective is to transform three acres of land into a flourishing ranch whose produce she can sell at the Farmer’s Market. Different ranch work may be learned, and money may be made from all farm produce that is grown in the ranch.

Ranch activities include honey collecting from bees, ostrich eggs gathering, fresh produce harvesting, and tomato ketchup whipping, to name a few. One may also customize the ranch’s design. New challenges and upgrades are found in every game level.  All in all the game contains eighty play levels. A myriad of trophies and upgrades can also be obtained throughout the game. Upgrades are handy since they help the player complete game levels. Profits may increase and players may win trophies as one progresses through the game. A total of twenty trophies can be won. The game also contains mini-games concerning the Farmers’ Market. RanchRush has a total of sixty minutes of gameplay. 256 MB of RAM and 200MB of available drive space are imperative to be able to play the game.